7 Documents you Must Present to Study Abroad as an International Student

The need to study abroad amongst students is increasing in geometrical progression. This is not unconnected with the numerous benefits

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Top 5 Lucrative Job Skills to Learn as a College Student for Free

The world is advancing rapidly at a high pace. This advancement has paved the way for many technologically. As you

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2022 Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) – Netherland Universities | Study-In-Holland

The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) has announced the date for 2022 applications for interested, qualified, and eligible candidates who would

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OMG! The Best 20 Skills an International Student Needs

Studying abroad is an opportunity that does not come by so easily. It is no

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Tips for a Successful Scholarship Application

These tips are for coursework scholarships. Coursework scholarships are for all undergraduate students and any

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Non-Local Student Scholarships 2022 (Government-Funded) – Lingnan University | Study-In-Hong Kong, China 

High-achieving foreign students who want to enroll in a degree program in Hong Kong, China,

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UQ Excellence Scholarship for Domestic & International Students | Study-in-Australia

The UQ Excellence Scholarship has open applications for the 2022-2023 academic scholarship program for interested,

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